A downloadable game for Windows

Skeletoons: Smash the Conquerors!

Action game with platform and hack'n slash elements and a fun local and online coop mode up to 4 players. Play, have fun and learn History!


Mortis is a newbie Death who just arrived to his new job.

Until now, the souls had been taken with a contract made on papyrus. Because of that, the former Death hoarded tons of papers and files. One of Mortis' first tasks as the Death was to upgrade the Soul Storage System.

Mortis was convinced to upgrade all that information and get rid of all those useless papers. But Mortis made a mistake. He deleted the Great Conquerors list before copying it on his PC. Now, this conquerors and their armies came back to life as Skeletoons. And Mortis must defeat them all!

In this adventure, Mortis will have to face Ramesses II, Genghis Khan, Caesar, Napoleon and a lot of surprises!

Install instructions

Unzip the files, and execute the .exe file. You can also 3open the controls.pdf or plug a PS4 controller in.


Skeletoons.zip 111 MB